The Lord’s Page

My Testimony:

In October, 1974, I was introduced to Jesus and trusted Him as my Savior.  I was 17 years old.  I graduated high school the following June and went on to attend Cypress Community College in Cypress, California.  In the fall of 1977, I started at Long Beach State University, but I was getting tired of school.  I wanted to go into the military, like my dad.

Not having grown much spiritually since my salvation, my faith in Christ was infantile.  So I prayed for God’s direction.  I told Him that if He helped me pass the physical that I would enlist.  Sounds simple, but because of my poor equilibrium, I didn’t think I could pass the physical.  So as badly as I wanted to go in, I figured the door would slam in my face.  It didn’t.  To my surprise, I passed the physical and got in.  Not knowing what career field I wanted to enter, I let God choose for me, and I went in “open.”   My AFSC (career field) was a dental technician.  I was the only one in my technical school class that didn’t specifally request that AFSC.  And there was a waiting list.  Imagine that.  God by-passed the military’s waiting list.  I loved that job.  I was so glad that I let God choose for me.

My first duty assignment was RAF Alconbury, England.  The first week I was on base, I was invited to church.  I started attending the Southern Baptist church right outside the main gate.  God got me to a place where I started growing spiritually.  Seven months later, Floyd arrived on base.  We were married in August, 1979.  Floyd has been my spiritual mentor and teacher for the past 32 years.

The Purpose of The Lord’s Page:

I have learned to recognize God in so many areas of life that I wanted to share with others the over abundance of His blessings.  Trust me.  They’re out there for our growth and maturity and faith and benefit.  And you needn’t look far to find them, if you’re seeking Him at all.

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